Post Coitum

by Gembala

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this album is a whoop. 4 guys, exulting life's energy.

and how could you just describe this any better than by the most beautiful thing in the world?

nature, music and especially love are the driving forces in all of our lives.
so let's sing about it!


released February 26, 2013

Music by John Christian, Julian 'Bubi' Schultis, Arne Benz and Enrico 'Rueso' De Meo

Lyrics by John Christian and Enrico De Meo

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Karl Krings @ CRINX SOUND-Studios, Bad König, GERMANY



all rights reserved


Gembala Frankfurt, Germany

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Track Name: Deep In The Woods
Deep in the woods
Inside the livin’
Leavin the hoods of all believin’

Feel the connection
There’s grace within
Shiftin perception
Let the future begin

I dream of landscapes
Covered in snow
Take all experience to help yourself grow
Always be aware this world loves you so
You know that I care
I really do

You’ve got to
Feel the connection
There’s grace within
Shiftin perception
Let the future begin

Calm down and relax
And start the givin
I’m so thankful
For this great life
We’re livin’

Wether if you’re naked
Or if you’re clothed in feathers
You better get your mind into the now or never
I don’t care
So I roll up a spliff
and she’s doin’ her work until my sword is stiff
my pretty little dove, my muse and sphere
what do you prefer
I whispered in her ear
I’ll dive and rummage until I’ve found
Where the only answers
Gembala sound
Track Name: Musical Pornography
I got a seven buckets full of crap
And I’m a give it all to you
‘cause this Triple B styles should
Move even those few

Small town festivity
You showed me what it means to be
The biggest drunkard
There ever was

Musical pornography
Waveridin’ sexuality
Orgasmic symphony
Let’s go crazy

I had a dream bout my girl
We were not talkin’round so long
I had a feelin’ so nice that
I am where I belong

But now we’re both in this room babe
And you’re about to waste my time
What you have to do
Oh honey, you can read it in my eyes

At a train station
You jumped right in my sight
And it was clear in a moment
Did it animal-like
And darling now it’s Sunday
I gotta mess you up in bed
And we’re a doing the mad things
Until my whole futon is wet
Track Name: Cigarettes & Sunshine
Suffer from the feeling
Finality of life
Deep down in the guts
Of my aching soul
Evil thoughts arise
And I lose control
Smash those demon faces
With my pole

You should have taken me
When you had your chance
But now I’m gone for good
I’m gone for good at last

I blame myself for the thoughts in my head
Sometimes I think I’d better be dead
Only reach out to get the next kick
It’s okay babygirl if you call me a prick

I take all of that spice
All of that spice that brings me back to life
You better go and take my advice
Just go and spread your wings
Spread your wings and fly
Track Name: Redonkulous Funk!
Come on dude
Get it on
Don’t act so rude
It ain’t so strong
You can try to resist
But not for long
The you’re gonna find yourself among us

Is it strange?
Is it annoying?
Is it amazing?
No! -It’s only redunkulous Funk

Long time no see
But back we are
Gonna take all the stuff
Put it in a cigar
And we take you away in a getaway car
So we enjoy the night under a sky full of stars

We got an eye on the road
And one for the ladys
One hand to drink
And the the other for steering
But if you still got one question for me
What would it be?

We keep it rockin’ and rollin’
Highway patrollin’
Funkrockin’ out
There’s no time for a doubt
But if you still got one question for me
What would it be?

What would it be?

Stupid is he who stupid does
And noones there whom you could trust
But when it comes to freakin’ out
You can count on me without a doubt
Track Name: Gembala
Swing down
Oh Yeah!
Now hear that pumpin’ sound!

See the Gembala cruisin’ down
You don’t see nothin’ else around
And you can’t hear any other sound
Cause the Gembala ’s freakin’ out loud!

You know dem hash can bring you down
I love to see dem buddies grow
Cause who’s plantin seeds
Is gonna harvest weed

Gembala sound tonight
Got them bass fat
And them pussy’s tight
Gembala sound tonight
When the Gembala’s playin’
Everything feels right

The Wave comes right pon yuh
This is the Gembala show
Dem a groove an’ dem a rock
Take a sit on da Gembala Cock!

Them nuts entering the club
Get shocked DJ playin dub
I drink a zip from the Gembala mug
And freak out between all muh thugs

All mah people shake your limbs
Jump around like you all are chimps
Gembala baby, jungle beat
Still love to be in an overflow of weed
Track Name: The Whole
I asked myself too much
When will the grey days be gone?

I wrote a thousand lines
But I left them at home

Too many thoughts flew by
They were too fast to endure

And so I sat around
To loose not a bit of that whole

What’s the use in all this now
Is a useless question to ask, somehow
Too many times it might be too easy
So I force myself to boredom so I…

Gotta get the wheels rolling
Accelerate this life
Universal speed
Forget about your strive

When there is no movement
Why should I go on?
If there’s no act of defiance
Why should I be strong?

I’ve stopped to ask myself
When will the grey days be gone?

I wrote so many lines
‘Cause they prevent me from fallin’

And if there thoughts flowin’ by
They’re not the last at all

Instead of sittin’ round
I’ll be a part of that whole
Track Name: Project 2
She’s out of her head
Freaks a little out
He’s in love with her
Without a doubt
In fact he doesn’t know
How to show her right
The ball keeps flippin’
From side to side

But that don’t really matter
‘cause if he’ll be home
All the worries
Won’t be gone

Damn she is how
If you only could see
Mexican mermaid
Would you marry me
That was it she’s out of sight
That was it, he couldn’t treat her right

‘Cause he’s got a lady
With the booty right
Yeah he’s got a lady
Wild like the rollin’ tide
He was just fuckin’ around
But he had her on his mind
When the sun came out
Track Name: Cats In Swings
They say
Do you know where you at
You’re lookin’ like a piece of crap
And stop that funky shit
‘cause it gonna make you
A drug addict
And take care of your career
Instead of havin’ fun
Or your life will end
Before it has begun

It’s that equal and I don’t care
It’s that equal I’ll stay in there

I say
Like an overdose
Go on
Don’t care for your fate
Come and take my hand
Whatever is given to us we take
And I’ll hold my eyes just close
Lookin’ for a new soulmate
And I try to understand
But the only thing I feel is hate

I say
I really don’t mind
To waste one thought
We don’t care for your
Motherfuckin’ words
Don’t think your so sincere
‘cause we
Yeah we know
We know ‘bout the shit you brought
But we ain’t got no time
So feel the beat until it hurts
When we get down
Track Name: On The Rise
We're goin' straight up
In divine funky style
Kickin' your asses
Take a look in the gembala's sexual files
'cause we had 'em all
Let 'em rise and fall
The crown of musical evolution
Where funk is the only solution

Spin around, spin around
Jump up and get down
Wiggle it, wiggle it
'til we hit the ground
Spin around, spin around
Jump up and get down
For the gembala sound

We kill the resistance
Celebrate like today was Christmas
Kind of like the new messiah
With this sound we set your asses on fire

I wanna feel your energy
When all of you jump around with me

Spin around, spin around
Jump up and get down
Wiggle it, wiggle it
'til we hit the ground
Spin around, spin around
Jump up and get down
For the gembala sound

Kickin' it loud
We come, you frown
Take away all doubts
Jump up and get down

Spin around....

Jump up and get down!
Track Name: The Adventures
Oh pretty lady won’t you do me tonight
‘cause I’m about to do you

Oh mister please step out of my way
‘cause I don’t wanna
Be mean to you

I don’t give a shit who said what
Who did what
Or who did who
Oh pretty lady won’t you do

Who’s chance is it
Mine or yours
Oh honey stay away with all your allures
Check it out, ‘cause I got what you need
Don’t stop

Caught up, starin’ into an illusion
Minds uncovered
Mindfuck, brainfreeze
Wastin’ energy

Call it crazy
Doin’ always the same
Expect different outcomes
To the mountains
Flee, get away
It’s not here
Always there

If you are lucky
You will get to know me
Get to know me, personally

Kinda controversial
On the inside
But outside
Chocolate covered

Oh pretty lady won’t you do me tonight
‘cause I’m about to do you
Oh pretty lady won’t you do me tonight
What a delight
Track Name: Post Coitum
Goodbye Lady’s and Gentlemen
This was the Gembala-Show
We hope you enjoyed the good vibes and the good times
This was Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste

Well there are things that go far beyond
Of what we can imagine
But there are also ways to make those visible
To the humand mind, with every tiniest piece of them

I mean you can de facto understand everything
In this particular moment

This is the end of everything how we know it
And also the beginning
Of everything else
Post coitum omne animal triste

Allright now boys and girls
Well this understanding i’m telling’ you about
Is merely a feeling than some kind of knowledge
And what you understand right then
In this particular moment
It is surely to big
To fit in the head of one human