from by Gembala



Swing down
Oh Yeah!
Now hear that pumpin’ sound!

See the Gembala cruisin’ down
You don’t see nothin’ else around
And you can’t hear any other sound
Cause the Gembala ’s freakin’ out loud!

You know dem hash can bring you down
I love to see dem buddies grow
Cause who’s plantin seeds
Is gonna harvest weed

Gembala sound tonight
Got them bass fat
And them pussy’s tight
Gembala sound tonight
When the Gembala’s playin’
Everything feels right

The Wave comes right pon yuh
This is the Gembala show
Dem a groove an’ dem a rock
Take a sit on da Gembala Cock!

Them nuts entering the club
Get shocked DJ playin dub
I drink a zip from the Gembala mug
And freak out between all muh thugs

All mah people shake your limbs
Jump around like you all are chimps
Gembala baby, jungle beat
Still love to be in an overflow of weed


from Post Coitum, released February 26, 2013
Music by John Christian, Julian 'Bubi' Schultis, Arne Benz and Enrico 'Rueso' De Meo

Lyrics by John Christian



all rights reserved


Gembala Frankfurt, Germany

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