Post Coitum

from by Gembala



Goodbye Lady’s and Gentlemen
This was the Gembala-Show
We hope you enjoyed the good vibes and the good times
This was Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste

Well there are things that go far beyond
Of what we can imagine
But there are also ways to make those visible
To the humand mind, with every tiniest piece of them

I mean you can de facto understand everything
In this particular moment

This is the end of everything how we know it
And also the beginning
Of everything else
Post coitum omne animal triste

Allright now boys and girls
Well this understanding i’m telling’ you about
Is merely a feeling than some kind of knowledge
And what you understand right then
In this particular moment
It is surely to big
To fit in the head of one human


from Post Coitum, released February 26, 2013
Music by John Christian, Julian 'Bubi' Schultis, Arne Benz and Enrico 'Rueso' De Meo

Lyrics by John Christian



all rights reserved


Gembala Frankfurt, Germany

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