The Whole

from by Gembala



I asked myself too much
When will the grey days be gone?

I wrote a thousand lines
But I left them at home

Too many thoughts flew by
They were too fast to endure

And so I sat around
To loose not a bit of that whole

What’s the use in all this now
Is a useless question to ask, somehow
Too many times it might be too easy
So I force myself to boredom so I…

Gotta get the wheels rolling
Accelerate this life
Universal speed
Forget about your strive

When there is no movement
Why should I go on?
If there’s no act of defiance
Why should I be strong?

I’ve stopped to ask myself
When will the grey days be gone?

I wrote so many lines
‘Cause they prevent me from fallin’

And if there thoughts flowin’ by
They’re not the last at all

Instead of sittin’ round
I’ll be a part of that whole


from Post Coitum, released February 26, 2013
Music by John Christian, Julian 'Bubi' Schultis, Arne Benz and Enrico 'Rueso' De Meo

Lyrics by Enrico De Meo



all rights reserved


Gembala Frankfurt, Germany

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